$ 26.00

We have one FISH 8.8 available.

The FISH 8.8 is the big brother of the 7.11 FISH and the underling to the all new FISH 9.5. Geared towards a small to mid-size rider who paddles in small to large surf, if you charge then you will be "in charge" on the FISH 8.8 The board is surprisingly stable for its length due to its fish outline and wide swallowtail. No wave is the same and every break is different so the FISH 8.8 is your Swiss Army Knife for the waves. It can carve up anything!


Your rental $$$ will count to a deposit on a custom board!

An Adjustable paddle is included in the rental.

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Cancellation Policy:

More than 48 Hours before Rental date, 50% Refund

Less than 48 Hours before Rental date, No Refund