New SIC Recon 11'4"

$ 1,040.00

If you subscribe to the 80/20 rule (surf 80% of the time and paddle flat water recreation and fitness the other 20% of the time), then the Recon 11.4 is a great board for you. This board is fun and versatile. The 11.4 is designed for the person that’s looking for more of a classic longboard feel. It is longer than the than the Recon 10.4 so you have performance with great turning capability. Step forward and get toes-on-the-nose with its full, fun shape nose. If the waves are flat, you can still take this Recon for a good flat water cruise.

Length : 11'4"

Width : 29.5"

Volume : 171 L

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This board is located at the Maui SIC Factory (Ding Kings), 875 Haliimaile. If you are wanting the board for another island, please contact us to pay for Young Brother's shipping (Usually around $50). Mahalo!